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Easily make a quiz with iSpring QuizMaker! Quickly create Flash quizzes and tests of various question types
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19 May 2011

Editor's review

We all remember our school days with fondness and nostalgia recalling vivid memories of friends and favorite teachers and even favorite subjects covering our mind space. Another thing that we all remember but used to dread is the periodical exams that tested our knowledge and learning. However, just as we used to dread and even hate the exams; the short quizzes and oral tests were loved by students and teachers alike as it provided ample scope for each of them to test the student’s grasp of a particular subject. The interactivity and fun combined with the tests made it a pleasurable activity; and hence its preparation required quite some time and thinking. Nowadays, e-learning and computerized classrooms have made it possible to create intuitive looking quizzes with graphics and vibrancy and iSpring QuizMaker 5.5 is an application that has successfully enabled the same.

iSpring QuizMaker 5.5 opens with a neatly organized interface with the chief options located at the top panel and the left side displaying the different types of questions prepared. The main screen displays the space for preparing the questions along with different tools for audio and video. With diverse ranging tools being available for creating such applications, this software provides flexible and multifarious options for effectively creating quizzes and tests. It offers around 10 types of questions which include Word Bank, Multiple Choice and type in along with the choice available for enhancing the quizzes in terms of inserting imagery and audio or video. The questions prepared and their answers can be arranged in random order for each quiz taker and questions prepared can be previewed as well before publishing with ample scope available for customizing controls like feedback, passing score and time duration.

To conclude, iSpring QuizMaker 5.5 garners rich kudos for its vivid premise and enhanced working and hence gets a rating score of four points for its impressive performance and power packed functionalities.

Publisher's description

iSpring QuizMaker is the effective way to create Flash quizzes and tests. Get real measurements of knowledge transfer and comprehension. Become a quiz master in minutes with powerful and intuitive quiz-creating features of iSpring QuizMaker. You'll enjoy your new opportunity to create quizzes in universally viewable Flash format easily distributable to all your quiz takers. iSpring-created quizzes can be simply incorporated with e-Learning presentations, embedded into web pages and share at SCORM/AICC compliant Learning Management System (LMS).
Major Features:
10 different question types
Video, audio or image to a question
Question pools
Customizable player text labels and buttons
Multimedia resources compression
Instant preview before publishing
SCORM/AICC compliant content creation
Sharing & tracking at iSpring Online or BlackBoard LMS
Receiving quiz results on a server or via email
Testing time limit
Partial answer
Single Flash (.SWF) file output
HTML/XHTML embed code
iSpring QuizMaker
iSpring QuizMaker
Version 5.7
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